With its burnished colours, subdued light and darker evenings, Autumn is upon us. My favourite season; a time for raging open fires, cosy blankets, subtle layered lighting and plenty of candles. It seems obvious that we make adjustments in our living spaces to welcome and ready ourselves for the changing season; firesides are restyled, and blankets, sheepskins, lamps and candlesticks are all prepared, as we make ourselves cosy, to hunker-down ready for winter.

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But with darker nights and slower mornings, don’t forget your bedroom. If there’s one area that should be indulged throughout this season, it’s your sleeping space. So here are a few tips to help get your bedroom ready for Autumn.


For me, pure linen bedding is the only option. Soft and luxurious, but understated. Cool in summer and beyond cosy in winter. With the bed as the main feature in most bedrooms, changing your bedding is a super-quick, economical, but hugely effective way to change the vibe of the room. Swap softer, subtle hues for darker, more dramatic tones and you’ll instantly create a space with more depth. Add some chunky knits and you have a cosy, layered look ready to sink into.

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It’s probably obvious, but if you get your lighting right at this time of year, you’ll create a retreat you’ll never want to leave. If you have a pendant, make it work hard to add some drama. Use it as an opportunity to add texture, and make a statement. On a practical note, make sure you put it on a dimmer so you can create softer light. And invest in some stylish bedside lights. Be creative, no-one said they have to match. Or think about adding some drop pendants; as well as looking pretty cool, it frees up space on your bedside tables too.

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Candles, candles and more candles is a given. But try using candlesticks to add height and drama, as well as adding smaller tea lights for their flickering light. And style with seasonal flowers and foliage. Swap blousy summer blooms for more structured botanicals. Deep green plants, seasonal colours, and rustic foliage will all help create a cocooned feel. Finally, make sure you have a couple of sheepskins on the floor by your bed, to keep those toes warm when you finally do really have to get out of bed in the morning.

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