Fresh blooms have always been my go to final styling touch, be it a bunch of blousy peonies for a romantic bedroom scheme, or vibrant greenery for a botanical bathroom. Texture, colour, and subtle scent helps, quite literally, to bring a design scheme to life.

There’s something special about bringing a little of the outdoors, indoors. It’s authentic and adds organic vibrancy to designs. It doesn’t have to be a fully orchestrated bouquet; sometimes a couple of simple stems from the garden on a bedside table is enough to add a softer touch.

But recently I’ve been enticed into a love affair with the fakers of the floral world. No longer the dusty plastic and silk that adorned the mantle pieces of many a grandma. The new faux are made with high quality, luxe materials that make the good ones virtuality indistinguishable from the real thing. Today’s fakes are, quite frankly, rather sexy.

It all started with Abigail Ahern’s stunning cacti and sweet succulents. I was looking for some greenery to add texture and depth against moody, inky walls. With trailing ferns, sculptural cacti Abigail Ahern’s foliage selection is totally enticing. The subtlety of colour and detail of texture works perfectly.

To be honest, I expected to feel slightly disappointed that they weren’t the real deal. But quite the contrary. They style with poise; holding their own against the real plants. In fact, I’m convinced they give a little smirk every time I have to replace an overwatered or dehydrated “real” specimen.

Newly converted, I was delighted to come across local faux flower supplier, Deluxe Blooms, who ensured that my new-found love was extended to the blousy cut blooms I so love to style with.

Elegant and classical, these stems look like they are straight from the florist. The colours are subtle and so realistic, making it really hard to tell the difference between faux and real. They leave rooms constantly and effortlessly styled.

Botanical design has been very much on-trend in recent years. Yet many clients, despite loving the look, shy away from it for fear of having to keep alive so many plants. So faux is a perfect option.

So, is it love? Quite possibly. I’ll always enjoy incorporating true blooms within a space but faux has certainly found a place of its own in my heart. And one which is sure to stand the test of time.

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