Christmas has been and gone. If you’ve got kids and they were on the nice list (which, let’s be honest, I’m sure they were because have you ever heard of a kid who was actually on the naughty list?) then Santa will have been and you will now be spending your time trying to find homes for all the new toys, games and, well, stuff which he delivered (and which may, or may not, be currently strewn all over the living room, bedroom and/or playroom floor).

New Year efforts and Marie Kondo Netflix viewing aside, keeping on top of toy tidying can be tough. You’re probably actually quite pleased the kids are playing with their toys, it’s just that the box of lego tipped all over the kitchen floor isn’t quite the interior trend you were looking to follow this year. It’s also bloody painful when you step on it (next year make sure Santa brings you some slippers – it softens the pain).

So, here are my top picks for storage solutions which look great and might just help keep that mess at bay.

#1 Make the most of your walls and don’t be afraid to rock an industrial vibe; kids storage can look good too. I love these little wooden boxes, perfect for art stuff, books, anything really (currently in the sale for £49 from Room to Grow)

#2 I love the idea of having lots of mini figures on display but the reality is that kids just want to play with their lego and decapitated, broken up figures just don’t look quite as good in a display cabinet. These lego drawers are great for a quick tidy up after a building session. They even stack, and look pretty cool too (currently in the sale for £17.85 each at A Place for Everything)

#3 A hard-working piece here. I love that you can add a cushion to make a bench seat and the drawer at the bottom is perfect as it makes things so much more accessible for little hands (currently £116.25 in the sale at Great Little Trading Co.)

#4 I absolutely adore the kids range at the moment. Beautifully designed, practical and just look at those colours. This storage unit is compact but could be used for toys, games or boxes. There’s a matching set of drawers too (£99 from

#5 I’ll say it again, walls are a great way to maximise storage. Simple but with a splash of colour, this bookshelf would work really well in a bedroom for those bedtime story books (£79 from

#6 And whilst we’re at it, lets do everything we can to encourage good habits. Make putting away laundry fun with this lion laundry bin. I love it, might just get one for my bathroom! (Currently £12 in the sale at Dunelm)