Brighten up the increasingly dark Autumnal nights with one of these quirky cushions. Everyone needs a little pick-me-up at this time of year and a new cushion is an easy way to add a pop of something to make you smile. Here are my favourites, all guaranteed to add style and sass to your space…

#1 Bold, graphic but still so pretty. What’s not to love? £68 from

#2 Stylishly sleek. Let this sexy blink beaded cushion add a little glam to your space. £95 from

#3 One of my favourite prints from the Monkey Puzzle Tree, How The Leopard Got His Spots, £90 from

#4 I can’t tell you how much I love Sarah Baily’s designs. Simple, statement pieces guaranteed to add impact. This shiny pink star has my envious eyes all over it. £185 from

#5 If Love Frankie sells it, it’s certain to be cool. Just a glance at this Happy cushion in it’s vibrant colours is enough to make you grin. £35 from

#6 The silk eye. Need I say more?! Also available in green; equally as stunning. £65 from