So you’ve done your Christmas shopping, ordered the turkey, and sent the Christmas cards. Of course you have! But have you sorted the guest bedroom for all the lovely family and friends you’ve got coming to stay over the festive season?!

As much as I love a full house, I’ve declared no room at the Inn for us this year (with the kids, the dog and the cat we already resemble a zoo)! There’ll be plenty of folk coming in and out for dinner and drinks, but we’re not hosting anyone to stay. However, if you are and your guest room needs a little refresh, then here’s a handy edit for you. All you need to create a welcoming room for those festive friends.

#1 My absolute favourite. Linen bedding does not get any better than this. And just look at this deep teal. £155 for a King Size duvet cover, from Piglet in Bed

#2 Of course you make your guests a cuppa in the morning, yeah?!! Well, if you’re feeling generous, this pot for two is just divine. Celine Tea for Two from Anthropologie

#3 Nothing beats listening to the radio in bed (although perhaps that just shows my age). Anyway, this Roberts Radio looks the part too, £100 from Urban Outfitters

#4 I first discovered Charlotte Rhys products when I was in South Africa and I use their Pillow Spray every night. Utterly gorgeous scents, now available to buy in the UK. £17 from Charlotte Rhys

#5 If you don’t have a chunky knit blanket you need to get on to it! Mizz Knits has the most fabulous range of colours to choose from and, although you may have missed the cut off for bespoke blankets, there’s time to get a couple of cushions to add a pop of colour to your guest room. Blanket prices vary but chunky knit cushions are £40 from Mizz Knits

# Nothing gives your guests the green light to relax and snooze-in like a pair of sloths. So cute! Sloth garden pot, £42 from Anthropologie