Everyone wants a beautiful home. A home where function and form are perfectly balanced. In an age where our homes are often our workspace and our retreat from the world, good design isn’t optional; it’s essential. Everyone deserves to live and work in spaces that make them smile, tell their story, and elevate their everyday.

Yes, for many, engaging an interior designer is still not an obvious choice. Perhaps it’s still perceived as a preserve of the rich? Maybe there remains an air of mystery around what an interior designer does? Or perhaps people just don’t think they need one.

What ever the reason, here are the reasons why we think you should consider engaging an interior designer for your project…

1/ An expert design process

If you’re contemplating an extension you wouldn’t hesitate to hire an architect. If you need your home rewiring you’d call in an electrician. To create your perfect interior space, which is both beautiful and functional, it’s an interior designer you need. An interior designer knows exactly where to start, what to ask, what works and what doesn’t. An interior designer is qualified, experienced and has a design process which has been honed over the years. Once you find the right designer for you, you can trust the process, confident that you’ll love the finished result.

2/ It’ll save you money

Interior Design is becoming more accessible and there are lots of affordable design packages on the market. Interior design professionals do charge for their work though and there’s probably some truth around the saying “you get what you pay for”. So how, when you’re paying design fees on top of your other project costs, does hiring a designer save you money? A few ways, actually:

  • You usually gain access to trade discounts. These will vary, but you’re likely to be able better rates when using an interior designer.
  • You’ll avoid costly mistakes. You won’t end up with a sofa that isn’t quite the right scale for your space, or the expensive wallpaper that just doesn’t quite look right. They know what they’re doing; they know what works (and, importantly, what doesn’t).
  • Interior Designers know how best to work with a budget. It’s what they do, and part of their advice should be helping you decide how best to spend your budget to achieve the space you want.

3/ It’ll save you time

Life is busy and time is precious. Yet, good interior design takes time, and sometimes quite a lot of it. An interior designer knows how to work through the design process efficiently, making it easy for you to make confident decisions about the design of your space. By hiring an interior designer you can take the stress out of the process (both the design and project co-ordination) and actually enjoy creating your dream space.

4/ Access to trusted trades

Finding experienced, reliable trades who are able to do the work you want, when you want can be tricky. An interior designer works with a trusted team of contractors and sub-contractors on projects all the time. No more worrying about whether they’ll do a good job, or whether they are properly insured – your designer has done all the hard work for you.

5/ Confidence

A good interior designer should empower you. Not only to have confidence in the design decisions you make throughout the design process, but to live with confidence in the space you’ve created. Interior design should be about creating a space that tells your story and, importantly, creates a space for you to continue that story. Interiors aren’t static; they evolve and grow. Having a space expertly created for you allows you to engage with, and enjoy, the space with confidence.

So, whether you’re sprucing up the spare room or contemplating a major renovation, working with an interior designer can help achieve a better design, but also a more enjoyable process (as well as a few savings a long the way!).

Have you worked with an interior designer before? Or are you contemplating one for your project?